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I may have mentioned my love of The Office here once or twenty times. And despite what I’ve read here and there about people being less than enthused about the show lately, I still think it’s brilliant. The writing, so subtle and clever. The acting, so spot-on. Each episode gets better with each viewing when you notice different lines and facial expressions by characters in the background. Mostly I love how it has just stayed true to form while allowing the characters to grow and evolve. And I do realize that sounds like an oxymoron but as Michael Scott once said quoting Abraham Lincoln: “If you’re a racist, I will attack you with the North,” and these are the principles I carry with me in the workplace.

Which only loosely ties into the webisode I just watched, and the video below. Irregardless* it is hilarious.

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* I know.

I have the Comedy Central half-hour stand-up specials on a series recording on my best friend ever – uh, I mean, DVR – and have been watching a fair amount of stand-up the past several weeks. It reminds me of how excited I was when Comedy Central network first started – back when it was pretty much all stand-up instead of 98% sitcoms like it is now. My totally non-scientific research has concluded that the majority of comedians utilize the same formulaic mode (much like the authors of those bodice-ripper romance novels). News flash! Men and women are different! Men leave the seat up! Women talk too much! Dubya is bad! See also: Women are moody! and Men have a one-track mind! Breaking news right there.

Which isn’t to say I won’t keep watching, because some of it is tear-inducing funny. Hey, some people have Dating in the Dark; I have stand-up comedy.

  • Old Navy. Your commercials. With the talking mannequins. Just stop. For the love of Mike. Stop.
  • This. Makes me more angry than it possibly should, more angry than I have ever been about this situation. It’s about Roman Polanski’s arrest, if you don’t want to click on that link. I mean, I’m glad he’s been arrested, but the fact that it’s taken this long and he’s been living the happy life, working, earning awards, yada yada…What a jerk. JERK. (Yeah, I have a way with words.) The part of that article that fired me up the most was: In Paris, Culture Minister Frederic Mitterrand said that he was “dumbfounded” by Polanski’s arrest, adding that he “strongly regrets that a new ordeal is being inflicted on someone who has already experienced so many of them.” Okay. It is terrible that his mother died at Auschwitz. And of course what happened to Sharon Tate was horrific. I have no words for it, and if just one of those things happened to me, I don’t know what I would do. HOWEVER. Drugging and raping a 13-year-old? That didn’t happen TO HIM. It’s ALL ON HIM. HE did that. For crying out loud.
  • I wonder when, or if, I will ever get it up to do more than the bare minimum around the house. I mean, yeah, I do the laundry regularly. I cook dinners most of the time, but they’re nothing exciting or that interesting compared to how I used to cook. I leave crap piled around. I put off cleaning the bathrooms and bathing the dogs. I wonder if it’s because we’ve traveled so much this year rather than family coming to us (and therefore not giving my pre-emptive guilt a chance to kick in and clean up like crazy). Probably it’s just that I’m lazy.
  • If you’re a framer, even at a second-rate framing place, the first words out of your mouth to customers should NOT be “There is no way I am going to sell you that frame to go with that picture.”
  • We went to Los Angeles the weekend before last for our niece’s baptism. I hadn’t been to LA since I was maybe 8 years old? On that trip my biggest issue was whether or not to get the Mickey Mouse ears or Gilligan cap monogrammed with my name (I went with the sailor cap). This trip, besides the obvious awesome time with a cute baby and all the in-laws, two things stuck with me: the fact that I paid almost $60 for a 15-mile cab ride, a cab ride that was so breakneck I almost started to cry; and the fact that ALL OVER Hollywood there are HUGE billboards advertising TV shows. As my sister-in-law-once-removed said, “I don’t get it. It’s like preaching to the converted.”


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