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Date: November 30, 2008
Time: 5:32am
Minutes awake today: 98
Hours of sleep achieved in the past two days: 11
Miles driven yesterday: approximately 600
Mood: grumpy

It’s nights/mornings like these, when I’m up before the sun, either stressed out because I know I need to be well-rested to drive for 11 hours or apparently over-tired from a long trip, that I look over at my dear husband, snoring heavily away, head somehow on MY pillow (sidebar: how? HOW does that he end up on my pillow?), sleeping deeply even though I know he slept for at least 50% of the car trip yesterday, that I am just filled with an overwhelming desire to punch him in the neck. My insomnia is so annoying – it’s always that way when I need to sleep the most, and usually after a long trip. I know I’ll catch up, but I still hate it. I’m usually congested when I wake up – allergies combined with eight million pets who sleep in the bed – and once I realize I’m awake suddenly I can’t think about anything except how I can’t breathe and how my goddammed alarm clock is SO BRIGHT even though I have it on the dimmest setting.

Since I have nothing really to do today, except languish about and complain about how little sleep I’ve gotten, I got up and actually showered and put on fresh comfy clothes so I could go to the guest room and lie back down to not sleep. I figured I would write my last NaBloPoMo post and get it out of the way. And apparently I have nothing profound to say about my journey of daily blogging this month, except that doing this on a month when I left town for four days at the very end of the month was probably not the smoothest move on my part. And even though Mr. Zoo is upstairs sleeping, completely unaware that I’ve been up for almost HOURS ALREADY MY GOD, I remind myself that tomorrow, when he has to get up and go back to work, the only thing I have to do is let the cable guy in to install digital cable and then proceed to watch any one of the eleventy bajillion channels we’ll get. And then I’ll likely never sleep again.

About to set off on the road. Driving back to PDX today. Internet connection is spotty so I will leave you with pictures of how the dogs handle being in the car for 10 hours.

Of course they may be more uncomfortable going back due to the extra pounds they have put on from all the scrambled eggs, bacon, pancake batter, turkey, pizza, steak, and cake they have been fed from the table over the past few days. BAD IN-LAWS!
Today we went to the Crocker* Art Museum, the Mecca of Sacramento arts and culture, to see this exhibit. Shockingly, my FIL who is a member of the Crocker Museum had not yet been to see the Warner Bros exhibit. I’m also pretty sure he and Mr. Zoo were rolling their eyes behind my back but I DON’T CARE because it was awesome. SO THERE.

Also I got a fridge magnet at the museum gift shop. WIN WIN.

* seriously? I only called it “cocker” once. an hour.


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