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Hi, I’m the 87th blogger in the world to post about Pinterest, but OMG have you heard of Pinterest?! It’s like a virtual cork board. You can pin anything from any web site. And you can follow anyone and everyone to see what they’re pinning and what their followers are pinning, and so on, and so on, and so on. (Translation: Pinterest = excellent time suck.)

I don’t have any major home renovations planned for any time in the next, oh, 20 years, but it’s nice to have one place to keep track of ideas and product web sites in one nifty place, rather than the hodgepodge of bookmarks I used to have in various folders. It’s also an amazing resource for billions of craft projects that I will never, ever DIY. (sidebar: do you know there are TONS of crafts people make out of toilet paper tubes? You know, the cardboard tubes underneath all the toilet paper? I mean, I’m as cheap as the next chick, but really? TP tubes? I see this as more of a throw-away project, like for silly quick puppets or something, but some people go ALL OUT. Refer to: the one who cut them down, folded them into a star-ish shape, mounted bunches of this shape onto a canvas and spray painted the whole thing. It looked cool, but I could never have that in my house and be all, YEAH BITCHES, I MADE THAT FROM TOILET PAPER TUBES. WANNA BUY ONE? Because. I mean. Fecal matter. But again, I’m not going to make 98% of the crafts I see on there anyway, so consider the source. Though, again I say: poop.)

I have made all of one thing I’ve pinned on Pinterest (not including recipes), because here is my thought process on pretty much everything I see:

That’s so cool/I love that, but…

  • my cats would totally knock that over
  • my Labrador’s tail would knock that right off the coffee table
  • that is a smorgasboard for cat paws
  • the dogs’ paws would totally muddy up all that whiteness in 3.5 seconds
  • the cats would immediately commandeer that dangling/ruffly/drapey thing
  • I live in an almost 100-year-old house with small rooms
  • I have a husband

It’s still fun though. In fact, I’m amazed I could drag myself away from it long enough to write this.

I’m not talking about Justin, who is one of the two people I follow on Twitter.

I’m talking about the site of the same name, which has gems such as these

I went through a McDonald’s drive thru and said “I can has cheeseburger?” There was a pause before I heard “Nom Nom Nom” on the other end. IMMD

My six year old came into the room and asked me if I remembered when I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die. IMMD.

Does anyone get the Signals catalog? Or am I the only bleeding heart sucker that donates to my local NPR station and is on the mailing list? Because when that thing arrives, it is, like, the happiest day around here. Because the stuff in that catalog is HILARIOUS. And I’m not just talking about the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. Do you not know what I’m talking about? Here.

It's like electric sex in your window.
It’s like electric sex in your window.

The other day when the catalog arrived I basically followed Mr. Zoo around the house, reading him excerpts. The poor guy had just biked home from work and had taken the dogs on a walk, was starving and all “uh huh, yeah, funny, uh huh” while serving himself dinner, and I’m basically haranguing him with crap like the Monet and Van Gogh Tees! STYLISH! And the Binary Code Clock. Clearly for the person who has everything else under the sun and then some.

I do think some of their stuff is wicked cool. Like:

Frank Lloyd Wright Legos


Da Vinci Journal Of Inventions Pop-Up Book

Which I described to Mr. Z by saying “This is kind of cool! Da Vinci’s journal of inventions in pop-up book form! They took his inventions and made them into pop-ups in this book!” because I apparently like to describe things by using the exact same words just in a different order. BRILLIANT. They also have some cool recycled stuff. And, of course, the weiner dog pillow(s).

too long to fit on one pillow!

My favorite, though, is the message tees. OMG. There is little I love more than a good message tee.

And do not even get me started on the Chopin Bored and Chopin Bag. Yeah, they went there! Oh! And their reusable water bottle:

And it’s got a picture of a faucet on it!

And their “what goes around comes around” ring. A RING. BECAUSE IT’S ROUND. GET IT? I KNOW.

I did, however, put this basket on my wish list. Because it is freaking cool. Advantage: Signals catalog. Well played, Public Television. Well played.


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