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that learning to knit after 15 years of crocheting must be like trying to learn to drive a stick shift after 20 years of driving automatic. For the record, historically I haven’t been able to get the hang of either.
(Alternate title: Hey! Finally a post NOT about the puppies!)

I recently finished the crochet item about which I teased in the last bullet point in this post and hot damn if I didn’t really make myself work for it. Totally worth it when I consider the recipients, though, who happen to be not only clients and friends, but also neighbors. They got married in a super private and romantic ceremony on New Year’s Eve. I started this blanket when they got engaged last summer, worked on it steadily for a month or so until the weather became too hot, and didn’t pick it up again until after the new year. I guess technically this could be called a “stash buster” project since I decided on it by checking out my vast, and obsessively color-coordinated, stock of yarn. Fortunately I had several shades of yarn in colors that just screamed THESE COLORS ARE PERFECT FOR YOUR NEIGHBORS.

So I crocheted a bunch of squares. A bunch. Then I thought to myself, Self, maybe you should figure out how these are all going to fit together before you crochet any more. So I laid them out to see what I was working with. And didn’t feel like that was helping me at all. I decided to delay, you know, thinking, and crocheted borders on each of the squares.

Then I realized I needed to get really logical about it or I was going to end up with one hell of a “creative” (read: totally messed up) afghan. So I pulled out my graph paper (YES I HAVE GRAPH PAPER, WHAT OF IT) and cut out squares to correspond which each existing crocheted square I had – one block on the graph paper = one inch. I wrote the color on each square. Then I moved around all the little squares on a larger piece of graph paper to see how they could all fit together. It looked like this:

Then I moved them around some more. And then again. Then I pulled out some hair and banged my forehead against a wall. Then I moved them around some more. Then I started drinking. Heavily.

When I thought I had a decent start, I pulled out some fresh graph paper and a ruler, and created a pattern for both the existing squares and the ones that needed to be crocheted. It looked like this:

Then I felt like most of the work was out of the way and now I knew what yarn I still had to buy and could just, you know, crochet. Which I did. Then I whip-stitched all the squares together and it may not have been perfect but it was done.
step 5 aka thank dog it's donestep 5 aka thank dog it's done
And thank dog I finished before the puppies got here because for crying out loud can you imagine crocheting with two spazzy puppies underfoot? Yeah, I thought I was going to get through one whole post without mentioning the puppies, too.

  • Watched Superman Returns the other day. There is just no way, no matter how cute the guy is, to make those tights look anything but fruity.
  • I woke up the other morning to the thought that in just one year it will be 20 years since I graduated from high school and OH MY LAWD when did that happen?
  • Related aside: If you want a way to ruin your day, it’s waking up to that thought.
  • Growing up, us kids were kind of messy (though anyone would be messy compared to my mother’s orderliness) and sometimes after one of us would do a periodic massive cleaning of our rooms, we’d get a cold or flu or something – obviously people get sick but we’d always tell Mom that it was because we cleaned and therefore decimated our defenses. I’ve been decluttering and cleaning the past few days (have you ever cleaned out the little rubber thing on the shower door track?) and now I feel like I’m getting a cold. I’m achy, have a sore throat and one of my ears also hurts. Brilliant.
  • Been falling behind on following blogs for weeks now. My Google Reader has gotten into the triple digits and then I just mark the majority as read without having the patience to actually read all of them. I guess I need to declutter my Reader.
  • I am crocheting something that has probably taken more non-crochet preparation than anything else I have crocheted but I am sooooo totally excited about it because it’s going to be soooooo cool and yes that’s totally a teaser because the recipients may or may not read this blog so NEENER NEENER.


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