Hi! I’m Zoo! I am a 30-something Married living in Portland, Oregon, to an analyst-by-day writer-by-rest-of-day husband who may be more nutty about accumulating animals than I am. We have two 80-ish-pound labrador-mixes, four cats, and a Siamese Fighting Fish. I grew up in Hawaii, then moved to Iowa to go to a college that is this big: <> (<—- actual size) but odds are you’ve either also attended or know someone who knows someone whose aunt’s librarian’s cousin has heard of it. I spent 8 years total in Iowa, then moved to Portland in 1998. I recently left my “career” as an administrative superstar to be a part-time pet-sitter, part-time crochet goddess, and full-time all-around kick-ass. Things I blog about: pet-sitting, crochet, food, TV, her childhood, marriage, being childfree, and, you know, also, maybe occasionally my pets. Sometimes.

likes: cats and dogs, just a little; sarcasm; TV; the word onomatopoeia; Pam and Jim; chocolate, especially over almonds or whipped peanut butter; USING CAPS TO MAKE MY POINT; my birthday, Christmas, New Year’s, Thanksgiving, Flag Day (ok, any holiday, really); Burt’s Bees lip balm with pomegranate oil; Chinese food;

what I don’t get: Reality TV; the extreme anti-fake-christmas-tree camp; why anyone cares what I do with my body or who other people want to marry; Precious Moments; using your car to advertise your political beliefs; fancy/posh desserts (what’s wrong with just regular old NY cheesecake?!); the appeal of Matthew McConaughey; movies based on great books that suck hard (Last of the Mohicans is not included);

dislikes/things that irk me to hell: jacks-in-boxes; popping balloons; pudding; the word mucus; that commercial where the kid comes in as a snowman and then melts as he eats his soup; people spitting in public; Sarah Jessica Parker; how Boris goes from zero to freak-out-whiny when the alarm goes off in the morning, when I begin a telephone conversation, when anyone comes within 100 feet of our house; 82% of the other drivers on the road; my widow’s peak; glitter and/or confetti in cards; newspapers; Andie MacDowell; the fact that my “dislikes” list is twice as long as my “likes”;

what I believe: one man shot JFK; reincarnation; life on other planets/galaxies likely exists; take-out like pizza and Chinese should always mean ordering much more than you actually need so you have enough for leftovers; a car is a way to get from Point A to Point B (hopefully comfortably) and your level of infatuation or embarrassment over driving a sports car or minivan says a TON more about you than the actual car you drive;

You can email me at zooaskew at gmail dot com. I check my email approximately 5,764 times per day.

Welcome to Zoo! Covered in cat hair since 1972!